Best Reasons to have a Wellness Program: Benefits of Wellness

Benefits of Wellness Programs

1. Decrease workers absenteeism.

Healthy workers will report to work on time and leave at the stipulated time. They will have lower absenteeism trends, unlike unhealthy workers. Healthy workers can handle even challenging tasks and especially those that requires physical fitness. This translates to increased profitability of the organization.


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2. Reduction of health risks.

Wellness corporate programs will usually focus on improving and motivating employees to embrace healthy behaviors. The program focuses on enlightening the employees on risky health factors that can affect the employee’s health. For instance, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption is likely to have a negative effect on their health. Embracing top wellness platforms in an organization ensures that the employees are well enlightened on good health benefits.

An unhealthy diet is a major contributor to common disease in employees such as high blood pressure, obesity, high blood cholesterol among other factors. Enlighten the employees on how to embrace good diets will save them from such disease. Regular physical exercise is a recommended way of ensuring good physical fitness. The top wellness platforms will be the guiding factors in an organization to ensure exercise types of equipment are available for the regular workers to exercise.

3. Reduction of health care expenses.

Any organization performance depends on the motivation and the labor force capacity to do the work. If the workers are in good health the organization will spend the little amount in paying medical bills for the sick persons. Additionally, sick workers cannot perform heavy duties and sometimes requiring them to rest even during the working hours due to their health conditions.



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Labor loss will trickle down to the net profitability of the organization thus reducing lowering the profitability. Of the organization. In case the workers fall such for a prolonged time the company may be forced to suck them but after compensating them their full wages. This increases the general operating cost thus reducing the profitability of the organization.

4. Improvement of the employee general health.

The main objective of the wellness program is to ensure that the employees have positive health behaviors. With good wellness programs in place such as the employee health education, motivation, skills enhancement, together with social support employees will have a healthy living.

An employee living with good healthy living is actually the biggest achievement of company wellness program can accomplish. An employee living with better health behaviors are thus exposed to fewer health risks such as chronic diseases. This, in turn, means reduced health care costs. The profitability of the organization thus becomes stronger due to the reduced health expenses.

5. Improvement of productivity.

Sick employees are likely to have poor productivity which arises when the employees are physically present in the workplace but their performance is negligible. For instance, when the employees sit down most of their working time or just sleeping on the tables instead of working. Then this means that what they are contributing to the organization is questionable for maximum realization of the profit.


When the workers are in good health they will be working most of their time thus increasing productivity the organization is thus likely to have a higher profit realization.