Why you should always send your printer to certified Toshiba service centre

Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese conglomerate that offers very diverse products. They manufacture personal computers, office devices, consumer electronics, home appliances, and many more hi-tech products. Among the electronic equipment for offices, Toshiba produces an ample range of computer printers. Your local Toshiba service centre can provide the proper maintenance and repairs that your equipment requires.

From personal color printers to large workgroup and large format printers, Toshiba has positioned itself as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality printers worldwide. Repair services are widely available too, in order to keep your printer in optimal working conditions.

What should you do if your printer is broken?

In the largest Australian city, Sydney, the company Global Office Machines provides some printer repair services. They have a team of experts who specialize in different printer brands. Therefore, you can be confident they can repair your Toshiba printer like they would do at a dedicated Toshiba service centre. Check here for more details about their servicing Toshibe printer offers:


Whenever you detect a malfunction in your Toshiba printer, contact the Toshiba service centre. Even if the malfunction seems minimal, there is no reason to wait. Fixing a small problem in a timely manner can prevent the development of a bigger problem later. You printer could be damaged permanently if small malfunctions are not fixed as soon as they appear. This is something that can be avoided.

Most Toshiba service centres will offer a same day repair service. After receiving your report, they will immediately send a highly skilled technician to repair onsite your Toshiba printer. The technician will take all the necessary spare parts that may need to be changed. Each piece that is replaced on your Toshiba printer has a three-month warranty.

What if you need your printer on the same day?

Most repairs are completed the same day. If this is not the case, the technician will take your printer to the Toshiba service centre. However, you will be offered a replacement printer, so the lack of a printer will not interrupt your activities.

At the workshop, a team of Toshiba experts will look into your printer with more attention to details and will repair it in the shortest time possible. All the repairs performed are reliable and guaranteed.

What’s even better is that repair prices are affordable owing to a flat rate charging scheme. This means that when you make a call and a technician is sent to your location, you pay a flat rate for the service. It doesn’t even add extra fees for the amount of time the technician took to repair your printer.

Other Toshiba service centres normally charge their technical services on an hourly basis. That is the reason many customers are reluctant to order a technician when a minor problem appears with the printer. However, with the flat rate scheme, you know there is no reason to delay servicing your valuable Toshiba printer.

Remember, minor problems, if not fixed timely, can develop into more serious issues that can even end with the working life of your printer. Why take chances? Call the Toshiba service centre and let the experts do their job. For more information, visit their website at: https://gom.com.au/service-centre-sydney/toshiba/